Why I will never be the cheapest option

The difference between affordable and cheap can be enormous in the promotional products industry. I can provide you with affordable branding products – but I don’t do cheap – your brand and my reputation are too important to compromise on quality.

I think Zig Ziglar said it best:

“Many years ago our company made a basic decision.
We decided that it would be easier to explain price one
time than it would be to apologize for quality forever… 

And I’ll bet you’re glad we made that decision, aren’t you?”

— Zig Ziglar, Sales Trainer & Author

There are literally thousands of promotional product purchasing options, and the advent of the internet makes it very easy for you to find something that looks almost exactly like the product that I recommended to you, at a fraction of the cost. Trust me when I say there is a reason for that pricing discrepancy.

If you find something super cheap online, no I won’t price match it with my similar product. There is a reason for the price difference. If you then choose to go ahead and purchase online don’t be too surprised if shortly after delivery, many of the products fall apart, or the imprints rub off your mugs, or arrive with a smeared imprint in the first place. The pens may leak or it’s even possible they don’t write at all. When it comes to branded merchandise, you truly get what you pay for. I can provide you with an effective, affordable promotional product in pretty much any price point. But I don’t do cheap.

The products I sell represent me as well as your brand, and I’m too proud of both to let “cheap” be associated with either.

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