The Tip-Off Vol.1, Issue 3

The Tip Off - A Boundless Network Newsletter

You’ve spent hours choosing the perfect holiday gift that represents you and your brand. Why stop there? For a minimal cost, you can make a lasting impression with personalized packaging. Even a simple bottle of wine, can make a huge impact when presented in a special way.

Boundless Rewards

Wine Wet Suit

Stand out among the crowd with a wine wet suit. Its material keeps wine cool and is made to fit both wine and champagne bottles. Clients and colleagues can use it throughout the year at concerts, picnics, etc. Your brand will stay top of mind, long after the bottle is empty. Click the banner above for a special offer that has been created just for you.

“Be Green” Gift Box

Promote peace on earth by using an eco-friendly gift box. Get noticed with this two-piece box, made from 100% recycled content fiberboard. Cushion the bottle and complete the look with crinkle shred in your company colors, an embossed label or tie it off with a logo adorned ribbon.

Custom Gift Set

Make your extra special clients say “WOW!” The eco-friendly fiberboard insert can be custom made to fit the bottle, glasses and other wine accessories with your logo.  Use customized labels to send your holiday message. It’s a finishing touch that won’t go unnoticed. Click the video icon above to learn more about the gift boxes.

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1    New Year’s Day
5    National Bird Day
8    Bubble Bath Day
13  Friday The 13th
15  National Hat Day
16  Martin Luther King Jr. Birthday
18  Winnie The Pooh Day
19  National Popcorn Day
23  National Handwriting Day
29  National Puzzle Day


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