The Tip-Off Vol 1, Issue 1

The Tip Off - A Boundless Network Newsletter

“Oh, You Shouldn’t Have!”A simple thank you goes a long way. Show your appreciation with a custom made award. Use them for your top sales performers, employees of the month, retirees, career achievers, and even for fun awards, such as Best Halloween Costume. Check out some of our favorites below to spark your imagination.
Boundless Rewards

Official Impact

Personalized awards make a lasting impression. Use them to recognize an employee of the month, a co-worker’s significant career achievement, such as becoming a partner in a law firm or to celebrate a milestone service year. A personal photo, original announcement and company colors can all be used in the award to make it a special keepsake.

Top Finisher

When any old plaque just won’t do, you can add fun, visual interest and create a personalized permanent display. This colorful award could be used to recognize participation and achievement in a non-profit event or philanthropic donors. This Foxite award incorporates a tree for the symbol of life and a footprint as the illusion to “take steps.” The colors can be derived from your organization’s logo.

High Roller

The Roulette Wheel Award is part of a high impact year long sales incentive program. Give this award to sales people who  reach their monthly goals for the first time. As the sales person continues to meet their monthly goal they are given poker chips to stack on the base of the award. When the award is displayed on the salesperson’s desk, it will create a sense of motivation and friendly competition.

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