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The love of food is universal. And they say the quickest way to someone’s heart is through their stomach, so what better way to make people love your brand than by giving them some promotional food products. From meats and cheese to cookies and candy, there’s a variety of treats available to please both clients and employees!


Get More Impressions

Promotional products that can be seen by many people are better than others. Mints are something that people carry around with them, keep in their car and always have in their pockets. Since it’s common to offer mints to anyone you are with, they guarantee maximum exposure. Mints may be small but they can make a big impact with the right packaging. Add your business card information, a QR code or even a scratch off coupon to the mint box.

Surprise & Delight

Who can say no to a delicious cookie? A cookie giveaway will appeal to everyone who loves a sweet treat. Get attention by using a fortune cookie to spread your brand’s message and promote special offers. Or thank your clients with a jar full of cookies and include a promotional message at the bottom of the jar. Consider giving cookies to employees participating in the company blood drive. The sugar will keep their energy high after their donation!


Don’t Be Forgotten

Chocolate—the word alone can make you smile and change your mood. It is true that having some chocolate every now and then boosts our mind and lifts our spirit. The problem with a food gift is that while it’s tasty, it can be forgotten once it’s eaten. Take your gift one step further and consider your presentation. Present the chocolate in a reusable item such as a branded pen caddy, basket or even a branded duffle bag. It will make a lasting impression.

We’re all about having FUN here and what is more fun than FREE stuff? Enter to win our Grab Bag of Swag — it’s a goodie bag of product samples straight from our very own office.You never know what you’ll get, but it’s sure to surprise, delight and inspire you! The possibilities are boundless.
Thanks to our partners at  BIC Norwood, Gemline, Hub Pen Company, Logomark and Sofia’s Cookies for the great prizes.

4   Independence Day (U.S.)

7   Strawberry Sundae Day

9    National Sugar Cookie Day

15    National Ice Cream Day

23    National Hot Dog Day

27    Summer Olympics Start

28    National Milk Chocolate Day



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