9 Reasons Why You Should Buy Your Food Gifts From Me

Holiday Food Gifts that make a lasting impression

9 Simple Facts about Purchasing
Promotional Food Gifts

  1. Our gifts promote your company and brand, not ours. When someone opens your gift, the first thing they’ll see is your logo.

  2. No catalogs or promotional literature in your gifts. The giant mail-order companies love to include their catalogs and promotional literature in customers’ gifts. We will never put a catalog or promotional literature in your gifts.
  3. Fresher gifts taste better (and say something nice about the sender)! Our gifts are packed-to-order just before the order is shipped, NOT made up many months in advance like many gifts from the mail‑order and retail giants.
  4. Our gifts are jam-packed full of the finest premium chocolates, fresh-roasted nuts and other gourmet treats. Not filled with fluff and inexpensive fillers like so many other food gifts.
  5. We can arrange for shipment directly to each recipient. We will even enclose your greeting or business cards.
  6. Value-driven pricing. Volume purchasing, and the absence of certain middle-men, allows you to purchase fine quality gifts for less than you would have to pay elsewhere for stuffy, overpriced brand names.
  7. Convenience! Conveniently purchase your food gifts from us, rather than sending employees to the retail store or having them spend hours on the internet trying to find the right gifts.
  8. We will build customized gifts to meet your taste, promotion or budget.
  9. No risk… because our gifts come with a 100% Money-Back Guarantee.

Let us know if there’s anything we can do to help you with food gifts!

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