Celebrate National Day, Week, Month Observations for July 2018

  • July Monthly Observations
  • World Watercolor Month
  • National Anti-Boredom Month
  • National Baked Bean Month
  • National Cell Phone Courtesy Month
  • National Culinary Arts Month
  • National Grilling Month
  • National Horseradish Month
  • National Hot Dog Month
  • National Ice Cream Month
  • National Independent Retailer Month
  • National July Belongs to Blueberries Month
  • National Picnic Month
  • Unlucky Month for Weddings

July Weekly Observations

  • Nude Recreation Week – July 4-10
  • National Farriers Week – July 16 – 22, 2017
  • Everybody Deserves a Massage Week – July 10 – 16
  • Week of Major League All-Star Baseball Game – July 12
  • Captive Nations Week  – 3rd week in July
  • National Zoo Keeper Week – 3rd week in July
  • National Parenting Gifted Children Week – 3rd week in July
  • National Moth Week – Last week in July

July 1st

* National Postal Worker Day
* National U.S. Postage Stamp Day
* National Creative Ice Cream Flavors Day
* National Gingersnap Day

July 2nd

* National Anisette Day

July 3rd

* National Fried Clam Day
* National Eat Your Beans Day

* National Chocolate Wafer Day

July 4th

* Independence Day (USA)
* National Barbecued Spareribs Day

* National Caesar Salad Day

July 5th

* National Apple Turnover Day
* National Graham Cracker Day

* National Bikini Day

July 6th

* National Fried Chicken Day

July 7th

* National Father Daughter  Take a Walk Day
* National Strawberry Sundae Day
* National Macaroni Day

* Hop-a-Park Day – First Saturday in July

July 8th

* National Chocolate with Almonds Day

July 9th

* National Sugar Cookie Day

July 10th

* National Clerihew Day

* National Pina Colada Day

July 11th

* National Cheer Up The Lonely Day
* National Rainier Cherry Day
* National Blueberry Muffin Day
* All American Pet Photo Day
* National Mojito Day

* National 7-Eleven Day

July 12th

* National Simplicity Day
* National Different Colored Eyes Day
* National Pecan Pie Day
* Paper Bag Day

* Eat Your Jello Day

July 13th

* National Delaware Day*
* National French Fry Day

* National Beans ‘N’ Franks Day

July 14th

* National Grand Marnier Day
* National Tape Measure Day
* National Nude Day
* National Mac and Cheese Day

* Collector Car Appreciation Day – Changes Annually

July 15th

* National Give Something Away Day
* National I Love Horses Day
* National Tapioca Pudding Day
* National Pet Fire Safety Day

* National Ice Cream Day – Third Sunday in July

July 16th

* National Corn Fritters Day
* National Personal Chef’s Day

* National Get Out of the Dog House Day – Third Monday in July

July 17th

* National Peach Ice Cream Day
* World Emoji Day
* Wrong Way Corrigan Day

* National Yellow Pig Day

July 18th

* National Sour Candy Day

* National Caviar Day

July 19th

* National Daiquiri Day
* Get to Know Your Customers Day – Third Thursday of Each Quarter

* National Hotdog Day – Changes Annually

July 20th

* National Pennsylvania Day*
* National Moon Day

* National Lollipop Day

July 21st

* National Be Someone Day*
* National Junk Food Day
* National Strawberry Rhubarb Wine Day – Third Saturday in July

* Toss Away the “Could Haves” and “Should Haves” Day – Third Saturday in July

July 22nd

* National Penuche Fudge Day
* National Hammock Day
* National Rat Catcher’s Day

* National Parent’s Day – Fourth Sunday in July

July 23rd

* National Vanilla Ice Cream Day

July 24th

* National Amelia Earhart Day
* National Thermal Engineer Day
* National Tequila Day
* National Drive-Thru Day

* National Cousins Day

July 25th

* National Hire a Veteran Day *
* National Merry-Go-Round Day
* National Hot Fudge Sundae Day
* National Threading the Needle Day

* National Wine and Cheese Day

July 26th

* National Aunt and Uncle’s Day
* National Bagelfest Day
* National Coffee Milkshake Day
* All Or Nothing Day
* National Refreshment Day– Fourth Thursday in July

* National Chili Dog Day – Last Thursday in July

July 27th

* National New Jersey Day*
* National Scotch Day
* National Creme Brulee Day
* National Get Gnarly Day – Last Friday in July
* National Talk in an Elevator Day– Last Friday in July

* National System Administrator Appreciation Day – Last Friday in July

July 28th

* National Waterpark Day*
* National Milk Chocolate Day
* Buffalo Soldiers Day
* National Day of the Cowboy – Fourth Saturday in July

* National Dance Day – Last Saturday in July

July 29th

* National Lasagna Day
* National Lipstick Day

* National Chicken Wing Day

July 30th

* National Whistleblower Day
* National Cheesecake Day

* National Father-in-Law Day

July 31st

* National Avocado Day*
* National Raspberry Cake Day
* National Mutt Day

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