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The love of food is universal. And they say the quickest way to someone’s heart is through their stomach, so what better way to make people love your brand than by giving them some promotional food products. From meats and cheese to cookies and candy, there’s a variety of treats available to please both clients and employees!


Get More Impressions

Promotional products that can be seen by many people are better than others. Mints are something that people carry around with them, keep in their car and always have in their pockets. Since it’s common to offer mints to anyone you are with, they guarantee maximum exposure. Mints may be small but they can make a big impact with the right packaging. Add your business card information, a QR code or even a scratch off coupon to the mint box.

Surprise & Delight

Who can say no to a delicious cookie? A cookie giveaway will appeal to everyone who loves a sweet treat. Get attention by using a fortune cookie to spread your brand’s message and promote special offers. Or thank your clients with a jar full of cookies and include a promotional message at the bottom of the jar. Consider giving cookies to employees participating in the company blood drive. The sugar will keep their energy high after their donation!


Don’t Be Forgotten

Chocolate—the word alone can make you smile and change your mood. It is true that having some chocolate every now and then boosts our mind and lifts our spirit. The problem with a food gift is that while it’s tasty, it can be forgotten once it’s eaten. Take your gift one step further and consider your presentation. Present the chocolate in a reusable item such as a branded pen caddy, basket or even a branded duffle bag. It will make a lasting impression.

We’re all about having FUN here and what is more fun than FREE stuff? Enter to win our Grab Bag of Swag — it’s a goodie bag of product samples straight from our very own office.You never know what you’ll get, but it’s sure to surprise, delight and inspire you! The possibilities are boundless.
Thanks to our partners at  BIC Norwood, Gemline, Hub Pen Company, Logomark and Sofia’s Cookies for the great prizes.

4   Independence Day (U.S.)

7   Strawberry Sundae Day

9    National Sugar Cookie Day

15    National Ice Cream Day

23    National Hot Dog Day

27    Summer Olympics Start

28    National Milk Chocolate Day



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The Tip-Off Vol.1, Issue 3

The Tip Off - A Boundless Network Newsletter

You’ve spent hours choosing the perfect holiday gift that represents you and your brand. Why stop there? For a minimal cost, you can make a lasting impression with personalized packaging. Even a simple bottle of wine, can make a huge impact when presented in a special way.

Boundless Rewards

Wine Wet Suit

Stand out among the crowd with a wine wet suit. Its material keeps wine cool and is made to fit both wine and champagne bottles. Clients and colleagues can use it throughout the year at concerts, picnics, etc. Your brand will stay top of mind, long after the bottle is empty. Click the banner above for a special offer that has been created just for you.

“Be Green” Gift Box

Promote peace on earth by using an eco-friendly gift box. Get noticed with this two-piece box, made from 100% recycled content fiberboard. Cushion the bottle and complete the look with crinkle shred in your company colors, an embossed label or tie it off with a logo adorned ribbon.

Custom Gift Set

Make your extra special clients say “WOW!” The eco-friendly fiberboard insert can be custom made to fit the bottle, glasses and other wine accessories with your logo.  Use customized labels to send your holiday message. It’s a finishing touch that won’t go unnoticed. Click the video icon above to learn more about the gift boxes.

We’re all about having FUN here and what is
more fun than FREE stuff? Enter to win ourGrab Bag of Swag — it’s a goodie bag of
product samples straight from our very
own office.You never know what you’ll get,
but it’s sure to surprise, delight and inspire
you! The possibilities are boundless.

1    New Year’s Day
5    National Bird Day
8    Bubble Bath Day
13  Friday The 13th
15  National Hat Day
16  Martin Luther King Jr. Birthday
18  Winnie The Pooh Day
19  National Popcorn Day
23  National Handwriting Day
29  National Puzzle Day


The Tip-Off Vol.1, Issue 2

The Tip Off - A Boundless Network Newsletter

Dare we say it?  Party season is just around the corner! The pressure is on to impress and we are here to help. Show your appreciation and guarantee your guests a good time. Try these fun, interactive ideas to make this year’s party,  one they will never forget.


Boundless Rewards

Wrapping Party

You’ll spread holiday cheer when you gather your team to wrap gifts for kids in need.  Use wrapping paper in your company colors and logo embellished ribbon.  Go to to learn about the U.S. Postal Service’s Operation Santa program. As a thank you for participating, give your team their own wrapping kits. The wrapping paper and ribbon will also create a special presentation for client and executive holiday gifts.

Ice Cream Social

A “make your own sundae” party is  a crowd pleaser. It’s fun, creative and encourages mingling between mouthfuls. Theme the toppings bar and ice cream flavors for the holidays.  Create an extra special experience with branded ice cream scoopers and personalized aprons.  These special mementos  are items your employees will enjoy year round and remind them of the great time they had at your party.

Wine and Cheese Tasting

Uncork a festive spirit at your holiday party.  A fondue set adds a fun twist to a wine and cheese tasting. The stringy cheese will bring everyone together for lots of laughs and conversation.  Give your employees logo adorned wine glasses to toast your success and then keep some extras around the office for future celebrations.   Your customers will enjoy the unique gift of a fondue set, imprinted with your logo and all their family and friends will know where they got it.

We’re all about having FUN here and
what is more fun than FREE stuff?
Enter to win our Grab Bag of Swag
— it’s a goodie bag of product samples straight from our very own office.
You never know what you’ll get, but it’s sure to surprise, delight and inspire you! The possibilities are boundless.
  We’ve pulled together a list of dates to remember for December.

1     World Aids Day 
     National Mutt Day
4     National Cookie Day
7     National Pearl Harbor
Remembrance Day
7    National Cotton Candy Day
9    National Salesperson Day
16  National Chocolate
Covered Anything Day
17  Wright Brothers Day
20  Hanukkah Starts
21  Winter Solstice
24  Christmas Eve
25  Christmas Day
26  Kwanza
26  Boxing Day
31  New Year’s Eve

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The Tip-Off Vol 1, Issue 1

The Tip Off - A Boundless Network Newsletter

“Oh, You Shouldn’t Have!”A simple thank you goes a long way. Show your appreciation with a custom made award. Use them for your top sales performers, employees of the month, retirees, career achievers, and even for fun awards, such as Best Halloween Costume. Check out some of our favorites below to spark your imagination.
Boundless Rewards

Official Impact

Personalized awards make a lasting impression. Use them to recognize an employee of the month, a co-worker’s significant career achievement, such as becoming a partner in a law firm or to celebrate a milestone service year. A personal photo, original announcement and company colors can all be used in the award to make it a special keepsake.

Top Finisher

When any old plaque just won’t do, you can add fun, visual interest and create a personalized permanent display. This colorful award could be used to recognize participation and achievement in a non-profit event or philanthropic donors. This Foxite award incorporates a tree for the symbol of life and a footprint as the illusion to “take steps.” The colors can be derived from your organization’s logo.

High Roller

The Roulette Wheel Award is part of a high impact year long sales incentive program. Give this award to sales people who  reach their monthly goals for the first time. As the sales person continues to meet their monthly goal they are given poker chips to stack on the base of the award. When the award is displayed on the salesperson’s desk, it will create a sense of motivation and friendly competition.

We’re all about having FUN here and what is more fun than FREE stuff?
Enter to win our Grab Bag of Swag—it’s a goodie bag of product samples straight from our very own office.You never know what you’ll get, but it’s sure to surprise, delight and inspire you! The possibilities are boundless.

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