Building a Platform

An experiment begins.

I am taking the challenge issued in Michael Hyatt’s new book PLATFORM and revamping my social media strategy. Starting today I will be following his advice on “how to get noticed in a noisy world” starting with the revamp of my blog. So this marks entry #1 in the new format:

Meaningful Monday I am dedicating to book reviews. I read on average 2 business/self improvement books each month, and thoroughly enjoy discussing the ideas presented in them with colleagues, customers and friends. Expect a quote on weeks 1 and 3 from the book I am currently reading, and a book review in the format of: “5 quotes and 1 take-away action” on weeks 3 and 4.

“Think Bigger … No, Bigger!” ~ Michael Hyatt PLATFORM



TIME TRAPS a book review in five quotes

I attended a presentation on time management by Roni White, President and CEO of The Book Company in April of 2011. At that presentation she recommended we purchase and read TIME TRAPS: PROVEN STRATEGIES FOR SWAMPED SALESPEOPLE by Todd Duncan, and it has been on my “to read” list ever since. I finally picked up and read that book last week, and have regretted the time I have wasted by not reading it sooner! So, do yourself a favor, and get the book today. But don’t just purchase it and put it on the shelf to read when you get around to it, crack the cover and start reading now. This is the type of book that can change your life if you let it.

So without further ado – a book review in five quotes:

“Success in any endeavor is a result of focused time.”

“Multiple deposits of time on the same tasks can have a big effect. You experience this truth when you invest an hour at the gym each day for a few months. … Invest regular deposts of time in a customer and you’ll reap the full value of the relationship through repeat business and referrals you might not have otherwise received.”

“To begin trading your time for the highest return, you must understand who the best customers are- because, trust me, not everyone is worth your time.”

“…the most successful sales relationships have a common ‘essence.’ Both you and the customer understand the purpose of the relationship, agree on the direction of the relationship, and share the same personal and professional values in order to grow the relationship. Relationships of this nature rarely fall into your lap. Most often these customers must be groomed and courted in order to receive their maximum value. But once they have given you business, the idea is to hold onto them for life.”

“Never call on a prospect unexpectedly.”

There were dozens of more quotes that made their way into my journal as I read this book, but at the time that I read it, and with the lens through which I studied the text and applied what I was learning to the plan I have for my business in 2012 – these are the quotes that had the most impact on me. I encourage you to pick up this gem, and see what pearls of wisdom you can glean and incorporate into your 2012 strategic planning.

Happy reading!