Anatomy of a Collar

Anatomy of a collar - apparel terms defined


When you are purchasing apparel – promotional or otherwise – it is important to be able to accurately describe what it is you are looking for. Lets start by establishing the basic anatomy of a one-piece high stand collar as illustrated above:


The fold of the collar down onto itself.


The stand of a collar indicates how far above the base of the neck the collar folds. In high stand collars the major portion of the collar “stands” above the base of the neck. Also described as the area between the neckline seam and the roll line. It is generally at its greatest height at the center back of the garment.


The line along which the roll of the collar rests. The line that is formed by the natural roll or turn of the collar, or collar and lapels, when the garment front is in correct position on the body.


The short seam that joins the collar and lapels on a garment


The space between the lapel and collar.


The line where the collar folds

Fall or Collar

The swath of fabric that wraps around the neck – the area between the roll line and the edge of the collar. It is on the outside of the garment away from the body.

Lapel or Reverse

The forward facing, shaped portion of fabric on neckline that joins the collar.


Thank you A.W. Koester and N.O. Bryant for your highly informative “Fashion Terms and Styles for Women’s Garments

Ardis W. Koester, Extension textiles and clothing specialist, and Nancy O. Bryant, associate professor,apparel, interiors, housing, and merchandising department, Oregon State University.

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